Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Favorites #5

Food / / These tiramisu brownies? Tiramisu + brownies = enough said ;-)

DIY / /  I've been seeing a ton of giant doily rugs, but this one by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio is the cutest I've seen! My summer project will to be to learn crochet!

Nerdism / / How absolutely-mega-perf is this swimsuit bottom?  I'm actually considering getting it...

Etsy / / absolutely perfect. If only I had somewhere to wear it. And $1,425.00 to spend on it.

Style / / I love the dress and the length of socks and the lighting and everything!

Ravelry / / This cardigan  is dreamy! I want to knit something similar, but shaped more like a cape. By the time I would finish it, it'd probably be cold again! 

I hope everyone's weekend is nothing short of awesome!

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