Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Favorites #2

Happy Friday! Here's a cluster of all things cute:

Food / / Whole Food Market's Classic Butternut Squash Soup looks to die for! There's been a cold front in my neck of the woods, so all I want to do is eat warm soup with some homemade bread (whilst in my Snuggie :-) )

DIY / / I love knitting and owls, so the purl bee's Big Snowy Owl tutorial is right up my alley. Double-pointed needles look intimidating, though.

Nerdism / / How cool are these mitosis donuts? I wish they could do that in real life! Or undergo meiosis so you can make donut gametes and hope for co-dominance so that you could have strawberry jelly/Boston cream donuts or a powdered crueller... The possibilities are endless.

Etsy / / Bows on front + heart cutout on back + another bow = perfect dress.

Style / / I've always loved Mayo Wo's adorable style, but... I want to marry her cat purse.

Hope everyone has a lovely day!

xx Lindsay

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