Sunday, September 23, 2012

Inspiration: Fall Styles

It's officially fall, so happy autumn! Before I become sad by the soon-to-come cold weather, I'm going to look forward to all the cute things I want to wear:

1. Super-High Socks: Sometimes tights get boring, so cute knee-high socks can be a good substitute! stefaniekuncman looks super cute with her skirt and sock combo!

2. Baggy Sweater + Shorts: viewsofnow's summer-y high-waisted shorts look cozy for fall with her cute sweater!

3. Bows on Blouses: I want to make some bows attached to pins to make my blouses fancier, like dixieleota's!

4. Girl Ties: I really like AnnikaVictoria's tie! I managed to make my own, so maybe I'll post it later :-)

5. Baggy Cardigans: kisforkani's cardigan is such an adorable color and it looks super cozy!

I hope everyone's weekend was lovely and that this week goes by fast! :-)

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