Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stripe-y Nails Tutorial

Sometimes choosing just one color to paint your nails is just too gosh darn difficult... I chose all of them!

Things you'll need to stripe-ify your nails: Tape, scissors, plethora of nail polishes.
1. Paint each of your nails the color that you want the middle stripe to be. I found it easiest to make these colors the lightest ones.
2. Cut strips of tape to your desired lengths. For different fingers, I made different sizes, like pinky fingers having the shortest while the thumbs had the longest strips. Don't cut them to be as wide as your nail; keep a long piece hanging off to easily peel off the tape.
3. Stick the pieces of tape to your fingers. Firmly press on the tape to ensure that no polish goes under the tape while painting.
4. Paint above and below each tape strip with different colors.
5. Peel the tape off AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! A few times, I waited too long and when I went to peel off the tape, all of the nail polish came off of my nail in one piece. Such a waste :-(

And once you're finished, wear proudly! :-)

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  1. thanks for following me on my blog :) followed back :) lovely site you have here. like what you did with your nails. takes so much patience, which apparently i don't have. haha. :)