Saturday, June 23, 2012

8 Weekend Obsessions

I feel that I've been becoming surrounded by more and more lovely things each day, so here are a few of my current loves:

1. This collar: I've been wanting a detachable collar lately to spice up my plain dresses, but I've come to the conclusion that this is the PERFECT one ;-)

2. These cute arrow rings by MijuAndYou: These are just too cute. I want the green all of them!

 3. Vintage White Braided Sandals from pussycatvintage: I saw a pair really similar to these at the thrift store and sorely regret passing them up. I needed these when I wore my daisy pants :-(

4. This adorable lantern tutorial: It's so simple and cute! I absolutely have to do this next time I go to IKEA to get the lanterns. Martha Stewart, you're so lovely :-)

5. Classic Pecan Pie recipe: I made two of these for Father's Day. SO good with vanilla ice cream!

6. Chevron Afghans: I really want to learn to crochet these! I saw one at the thrift store and thought about buying it to satisfy my afghan-yearning for a while, but I couldn't imagine getting comfy with a blanket from who-knows-where.

7. Fig Newtons: This isn't really a discovery for a lot of other people, but my new favorite snack is Fig Newtons :-) I don't really remember ever being a fan, but somebody brought some into school and I became a fan of figs ;-)

8. Castaway on the Moon This is seriously one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It made me laugh and the storyline was adorable. Plus, my sister said the girl made her think of me because she was quiet, took tons of pictures and raised plants :-)

What are some of your current obsessions and favorites?

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