Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Favorites #4

After having a test in every class (and doing terribly on some), I'm soooo ready for this week to be over. Here is some cuteness that got me though it!

Food / / Dulce Delight's cake is the cutest thing ever. So cute, in fact, that I don't just want to eat it up.

DIY / / I'm pretty much guaranteed to love anything with poms poms. I found this DIY on craftgawker and thought it was gorgeous! I might make it into a collar or something, though...

Nerdism / / This Pi Day Pie is a beautiful thing. I can appreciate anything that is both math AND food related! I'm super duper sad that I couldn't bake anything this year because lately, I've had like no time at all to do anything fun...

Etsy / /  This is totally the bathing suit of my dreams. Although I wouldn't feel justified in spending $98 on a bathing suit...

Style / / I love this outfit because: a) There are cats on that dress, b) it makes me think of spring, c) the bag is Kate Spade, and d) I totally have those shoes in black (but now I want the ivory ones!).

I think I'm gonna knit, bake and sleep this weekend away. I hope everyone's is awesome as mine is going to be!

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