Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tuesday Shoesday: ModCloth

Hi everyone!
Ever since my New Year's Resolution to shop less, I feel like knowing that I can't do something makes me want to do it even more. So, when I'm not studying, I'm looking at one of my favorite things in the world:

(Ew... I wish ISO  noise...)
And that's not even half of my ever-growing shoe collection... Excluding sandals and boots, of course. Boots are an entirely different story for me.

ModCloth has always been one of those sites where I browse, see a bunch of adorable things, and then sigh to myself, thinking, "Maybe someday."

But since I can't buy stuff, they got that much more adorable.

Lately I've really been liking heels because I've always had big dreams of being tall one day, but just finally accepted the fact that I'm done growing (I'm only 5' 3"... *sigh*). Also, I'm almost guaranteed to like anything with a T-Bar. These are so cute.

Even though these shoes look like they'd be hard to wear, I'm sure if they were mine I'd wear them everyday until they either wore out or I got massive blisters.

I really want a pair of cutout oxfords. Jeffrey Campbell makes the prettiest shoes in the history of pretty shoes. I wish I could meet him and ask how he comes up with these wonderful designs.

I saw these on Keiko Lynn. If she wears something, I automatically want it.

I also will probably like anything with bows.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week :-)

xx Lindsay

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