Wednesday, January 16, 2013


So I was going to post a lot earlier, but I was working feverishly at the end of break because I was stupid and saved all of my work/projects/etc. to do over the course of one day and ultimately ended up not sleeping and going into school late. And now I've developed a bad habit of falling asleep when I get home and staying up late to do my homework.

Insert one random picture here to make this post less boring...

But that's okay! It's totally going to end now. I had some resolutions planned, but I never actually started them. Let's just pretend that it's totally okay to begin them...starting NOW!

1. Stop procrastinating- Maybe then I'll have time to do fun things and sleep.
2. Exercise more- I need to lose some holiday poundage. :-(
3. Shop less- I got $150 for Christmas and now I have $70. I still have no idea what I bought.
4. Post more- I'm planning on posting at least a few times a week. I have tons of recipes, craft ideas and other fun stuff planned!
5. Paint my nails all the time- This sounds really shallow but I don't like my nail unpainted so I'm going to see if I can paint them all the time (and not chip it off).
6. Play video games again- Before I started sewing/knitting/baking/etc., video games used to be pretty much the only fun thing I did. I've found that I haven't been playing them much anymore... I don't remember the last time I played. And Hyrule probably needs some rescuing right about now.

My holidays were awesome, and I hope yours were, as well! :-)

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