Monday, August 20, 2012

New Stuff: Back-to-School

I think I've gotten most of my back-to-school shopping done (sadly). Compared to previous years, I've found so many more awesome things, like:

1. Intarsia Star Sweater: (Buy it here.
Where: Target 
How Much: $17 (on sale)
I was sooo excited when I saw these sweaters at Target! It was between this one and a gray one with an owl on it. I decided on this one because it's my favorite color and I love star-printed stuff! The gray one also looked too similar to my sheep sweater from Forever 21 last year.

2. Chambray Button Down Blouse:
Where: Macy's
How Much: $5 (Yay, clearance!)
I knew that I wanted to get a chambray blouse for fall and was eyeing one at American Eagle for like $40. This one was perfect for me: cheap and cute!

3. Rabbit-Print Peter Pan Collar Top:
Where: H&M
How Much: $10 (Sale!)
Ever since I bought a Peter Pan collar dress from Forever 21 last year, I've been soo in love with Peter Pan collars. And this top had bunnies, so I had to get it!

4. Peter Pan Collar Button Back Top:
Where: Forever 21
How Much: $19.80
My mom was the one to pick this out, and I absolutely adore it. I think this is my favorite thing I bought this year. That always happens when she picks out stuff for me!

5. Corduroy Pants: (buy it here.)
Where: Target
How Much: $22.99
My favorite color for fall is mustard yellow. I also have a strange love for anything corduroy. These were right up my alley!

6. High-Waisted Lace Shorts
Where: TJ Maxx
How Much: $14.99
I love anything high-waisted at the moment along with anything lacey. I've been wanting a pair of lace shorts to wear tights under for fall, and these were a perfect price.

7. Ditsy Apple Collar Dress w/ Belt:
Where: Forever 21
How Much: $24.80
This dress reminded me of a vintage dress I found in the closet of my house from when I was little. It fit as a top, but was waaay too short to be an actual dress. This dress made me feel less sad about that!

8. Piqué Full Woven Skirt: (Buy it here.)
Where: American Apparel
How Much: $16
I wanted a basic and plain skirt but everywhere I went, they seemed cheap. This skirt was perfect for summer, but with tights it'll be cozy for fall.

9. Polka Dot Box Pleat Dress:
Where: TJ Maxx
How Much: $7 (Yay!)
I saw this on the clearance rack and got super duper happy. Even though it's a size too big, I bought it, cause it was so cheap and gosh darn adorable.

10. Corduroy Button Front Skirts:
Where: Forever 21
How Much: 2/$6.99
These were buy one get one free, so I picked up the magenta one along with the gray one. It's cute, but it might be too similar to my hair. Haha!

11. Tassel Oxford/Loafers:
Where: TJ Maxx
How Much: $24.99
I've been looking for cute black-and-white oxfords for a while, and thought these loafers were a cute substitution! I love the tassels! :-)

12. Collared Polka Dot Dress: (Buy it here.)
Where: Forever 21
How Much: $22.80
This dress was on my wishlist and I managed to find it in stores! I also bought a pastel pink bow belt to wear with it. So excited!

13. Arizona Dacey Combat Boots: (Buy it here.)
Where: JC Penny
How Much: $35
I bought some brown ones awhile back from Target, and wanted some black ones that were a little bit shorter. These were the perfect height! They also made me like JC Penny again after not shopping there for so long.

14. Ditsy Dandelion Fit & Flare Dress:
Where: Forever 21
How Much: $24.80
This was one of my pins on Pinterest! I never thought that I would find it in stores since the Forever 21 I usually go to didn't have it. I went to a whole different mall and found it. So vintage-y and bright!

Even though I really dislike school, wearing these cute finds makes me dread it a little bit less. What did you buy for back to school?

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