Monday, August 6, 2012

Dress Love: ModCloth

My Nana gave me $50. Woohoo! I think that maybe I'll buy a pretty dress from ModCloth...

1.  A Bird of Advice Dress: Birds and Peter Pan collars? Two of my favorite things.

2. Hunky Dory Dress: I've wanted a tie neck blouse or dress for forever now.

3. We Wood if We Could Dress: Awww! The print on this one is waaay too cute!

4. Gourd Garden Dress: This is definitely the ultimate dress for fall!

5. Dreams of You Dress in Sage: A cute granny-esque dress in such a lovely color!

6. Shoreline Soiree Dress: I have a strange thing for plain dresses.

7. Steel Got It Dress: I'm in love with the shape of this dress!

8. Moments to Remember Dress: This dress is so adora-bow!

9. Spread the Mews Dress: I know I'm going to grow up (happily) to be a cat lady, so this dress is totally me!

10. Mind Your Peas and Cutes Dress: Cute collar + cute sleeves = yes, please!

I think I'm a dress-a-holic... When you get money, what's the first thing you blow it on?

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