Tuesday, March 27, 2012

DIY #1: Bow Sweatshirt

Even though the daffodils are out, it's been a little chilly up in my neck of the woods. So I decided to decorate a $2 plain white sweatshirt I got from the clearance at Target. (It was inspired by this cute Stella McCartney dress that I saw on Alexa Chung's Teen Vogue cover.)

I started out with a plain sweatshirt, some ribbon, black thread, needles and scissors.

And then I made a bunch of little bows...

cut the ends to make them fancy,

and then I had a little pile of 'em.

Then I pinned and sewed them. They were kind of different sizes, but that was okay because the variations made it cuter :o) When sewing them, I made the stitch perpendicular to the stitch in the ribbon to hold it together.

And then wah lah! A cute bow sweatshirt :-)

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